AST’s proposed pilot plant is designed to gasify multiple waste streams in a commercial sized unit, while producing a significant profit for investors. The pilot will most likely be located in Columbiana, Alabama. This is central to a large number of waste sources that can be readily gasified and profitably converted into electricity or very clean syngas, while high-grade steel is reformulated from the metal inorganics and slag is turned into rock wool.  The site consists of 11 acres and contains two large industrial buildings plus two small office buildings.  The location has natural gas, grid access, highway frontage and rail.

Feeder: Controls the volume of waste material and its rate of delivery while removing excess air from the feed.
  • Main feeder: This is a modified open end baler and will handle most large and heterogeneous wastes
  • Powder feeder: This is an auger feeder designed to handle powder material such as fly ash from steel mills
  • Liquid feeder: A pump system for any liquid wastes that the plant may receive.

Gasifier:  A modified Electric Arc Furnace operating under negative pressure.  It is designed to operate continuously and to provide controlled syngas, not metal.  Most of the design has been done with Tenova Pyromet in South Africa.

Heat Recovery Boiler:  Conventional boiler designed to recover the sensible heat in the syngas prior to quenching in the scrubber.

Scrubber: A wet Venturi scrubber designed for the rapid quenching of the syngas and the neutralization of any acidic gases that may be present plus the removal  of particulates.  Severn Trent is probable supplier.

I.D. Fan: Standard off the shelf induced draft fan.

Carbon Filter:  A cartridge type device that is supplied by companies such as Calgon.  It is used to collect mercury and other heavy metals.  It is removed by the cartridge supplier and replaced with a new cartridge as needed.

Syngas blower/compressor:  Off the shelf item to increase syngas pressure to meet the requirements of the boiler burner system.

Boiler:  Two fuel boilers, designed to start with natural gas and continue with syngas.

Auxiliary equipment:  As with any plant, auxiliary equipment will be needed, such as air compressor, water treatment and waste water treatment – all currently on site.

Pig iron casting line: To recover the metals collected.

Rock wool manufacturing line: To recover inorganic slag and turn to rock wool.

Sources of Feedstock Waste

Source of materials:  There are a large number of potential material sources within a 120 mile radius of the plant; chief among them are:

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    Steel mills and foundries

    • US Steel
    • Nucor
    • GREDE Foundry
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    Car shredding operations (ASR)

    • Metal Management Alabama Inc.
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    Car manufacturing plants (via Ashford Energy)

    • Mercedes Benz
    • Honda
    • Hyundai
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    Municipal Solid Waste

    • St Clair County
    • Montgomery
    • Shelby County
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    • Waste Water Treatment Plants
Columbiana Site