Feed System
  • Modified open ended baler used in waste transfer stations
  • Operates as continuous feed extruder
  • Seals furnace from air intrusion through feeder
  • Able to handle oversize materials.
Supervisor  control system
  • CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System) measures gas exiting furnace (outputs)
  • Feedback loop to adjust feeder rate (Inputs)
  • Outputs determine input rates and composition
  • Level sensors determine tapping times for slag and metals.
Scrubber system
  • Commercially available combination wet venture/quench/packed bed column scrubber
  • Caustic solution for scrubbing acid gasses, particulates and other volatiles from syngas
  • Scrubber blow down is salts, oxides and solids
  • Output is clean, cool syngas
  • Mercury removed by activated carbon bed following the scrubber.
Furnace (Gasifier)
  • Innovative application of equipment used in electric steel making
  • Graphite arc AC plasma using brush arc technique
  • Operates at negative pressure
  • Continuous operation with automated electrode feed
  • Automated tapping of slag and metals
  • Slag sold as aggregate or transformed to rock wool
  • Metals sold as billets to steel industry
  • Proprietary refractory system
  • Multi layer
  • Insulative for minimum heat loss.
Heat recovery boiler
  • Cools syngas to temperature slightly above dioxin and furan formation
  • Produces steam from syngas cooling
  • Commercially available, custom fabricated shell and tube heat exchanger.
Syngas utilization
  • Clean, cooled syngas with energy value of about 320 BTU/Std. Cu. Ft.
  • Ratio of CO and H2 can be varied by furnace inputs
  • Combusted in boiler to produce steam for electricity or for industrial use
  • Combusted in gas turbine for electricity Feedstock for chemical synthesis, e.g. methanol, ethanol, diesel, avgas, gasoline, etc.