ArcSec Technologies Inc. is a Delaware C-Corp formed in 2012. AST’s business is about creating clean, renewable energy and treating and disposing of a small portion of the roughly 3.5 billion tons of industrial and municipal waste produced each year in the United States, and many times that number globally. AST’s transformational AC graphite plasma arc gasification technology is clearly superior to all competing processes in the market. It is so efficient and economical that the design, construction, and operation of AST waste processing facilities will yield significant profits for both AST and its customers. These facilities will convert industrial and municipal waste into electricity and/or clean pure syngas, or alternative fuels, and create valuable commercial by-products from the inorganic waste. The business has two divisions based in Alabama.

The first division called AST – Pilot is a 5 MW per day  (i.e. 240 tons/day of MSW) pilot plant which serves as a demonstration facility for prospective customers and is also a manufacturing center. The second division is the design and engineering consultancy, AST – Engineering, which is where the projected exponential earnings growth of ArcSec Technologies comes from. AST-Engineering is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, licensing and sales of proprietary equipment for creating AST AC graphite plasma arc gasification facilities for the treatment and conversion of waste.