• Can handle all kinds of wastes
  • Waste can be mixed or comingled
  • Handle large items without pre-processing
  • Can handle wet waste
  • Extruder optimizes syngas chemistry by homogenizing feedstock density.
➨ Analysis of Competitive Processes – Feed System
  • No need for air or co-reactants in process
  • High energy efficiency – significantly less energy loss than in other processes
  • AC electrodes in “brush arc model” so arc does not impinge on refractory
  • Generate high power levels – easily 100MW.
➨ Analysis of Competitive Processes – Furnace
  • Lower capital cost – equipment is streamlined design
  • Lower cost from having single power supply and single stage reactor
  • Lower operating costs – graphite electrodes are inexpensive to operate
  • Single vessel and no co-reactants or nitrogen all make for very compact footprint
  • Large throughput as AST process designed for large applications.
➨ Analysis of Competitive Processes – Finance
  • No dioxins or furans in syngas
  • Most chemically pure syngas of all processes
  • Automated tapping of slag and metals
  • High quality slag for making rock wool
  • Metals sold as billets to steel industry (can be high quality)
  • No combustion, no char, no ash.
➨ Analysis of Competitive Processes – Outputs
  • Vessel can operate for long-time without maintenance and no downtime
  • Continuous operation with automated electrode feed
  • No furnace shutdown required.
➨ Analysis of Competitive Processes – Operating Issues