Transforming An Industry – ArcSec Technologies

ArcSec Technologies LLC/INC. is a waste-to-energy proprietary technology company utilizing industry proven components innovatively designed to convert almost any carbon based waste material into high value synthesis gas (syngas) and other saleable, commodity products. The relatively pure syngas can be used to generate power or steam, or used as a feedstock for chemical or biofuel production. The saleable products include diverse high quality metal pigs (e.g. stainless steel, zinc, etc.), and non-leachable slag for aggregates or for processing into rock wool. All types of waste materials can be processed including industrial waste, (e.g. auto shredder residue, commercial and demolition waste, etc.), coal fly ash, municipal solid waste (MSW), tires, as well as hazardous, medical, and even radioactive wastes. This transformational gasification process utilizes graphite electrode plasma arc which can be scaled according to desired waste material throughput. The system is able to profitably convert 100% of any waste into extremely clean syngas, metals, and other valuable commercial by-products.