Engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, licensing and sales of proprietary equipment for creating AST plasma arc gasification facilities.   The offices are located in Columbiana, Alabama, near the site of AST – Pilot.

Main functions of AST-Engineering are:

  • Develop pipeline of potential customers
  • Undertake feasibility studies and business case analysis
  • Do preliminary engineering and project finance
  • Detailed process engineering
  • Oversee detailed engineering plans
  • Oversee plant permits including environmental permits
  • Construction oversight
  • Start-up training, operations, and system maintenance
  • Continuous “real-time” offsite monitoring system
  • Troubleshooting services to ensure plants operate at peak performance
  • Recruit new clients and cross-sell
  • Stay ahead of the curve with new technology design work
  • Operates plasma laboratory to determine materials suitability for pilot plant.
Sales vs JV Models
The AST financial team is currently preparing a comprehensive proforma of a plant designed and constructed in order to demonstrate potential profitability. 

Customer Plant Using AST Process
JV Plant Using AST Process